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Video: A Chilling Reminder to Always Double Check Your Trailer Before Hitting the Road


If you’re planning on taking a trip this summer and need to hitch a trailer or camper, you need to watch this video first!

Whether you’re bringing a camper on your annual summer camping trip or you’re hauling hunting equipment to your hunting spot, it’s important to know how to properly (and legally) hitch a trailer to your car or truck.

In this video, Inside Edition explores the dangers of trailers and brings to light a very frightening fact – many people on the road don’t know how to properly hitch a trailer.

To demonstrate how dangerous it can be if you don’t hitch your trailer right, Inside Edition takes a spin on a high-speed raceway and intentionally loosens the trailer behind their car. Let’s see how that turns out, and why you should ALWAYS double check your trailers before hitting the road:

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