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Video: Canadian Army Crossing the Road Stops Traffic

Canadian Army

There’s no way you can count how many geese are in this video, but you can try!

Geese are notorious for causing traffic jams when they wander into the street without a care in the world. But in this video, we see quite possibly the largest army of geese marching in a line behind one another as they cross in front of a car.

Check it out in the clip below:

We’ve seen something similar with turkeys before, but this is just nuts!

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I know couldn’t have been the only one looking for bands marching across the street, and almost instantly after that thought popped in my head, one of the guys behind the video says hey look there’s a band!

Now the next question every waterfowler is assuredly wondering: why don’t these guys march across fields like this during goose season?

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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