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Video: Bad-Ass Michelle Rodriquez Runs 3-Gun Course With Taran Tactical

Michelle Rodriquez

It’s the little things in movies that make them authentic and overall more entertaining. That’s why we love seeing actors practicing with real guns to perfect proper gun handling.

In this video, we see the bad-ass Michelle Rodriquez, an actress from movies like SWAT, and the Fast and the Furious movies practicing with Taran Tactical to sharpen her skills.

If the range she’s running on looks familiar, you’ve probably seen Keanu Reeves tearing up the very same course in preparation for his role in the John Wick movies.

If you’re a movie buff, and find yourself always noticing the small mistakes in movies, (like an actor/actress who obviously has never handled a gun before) then you have to appreciate these performers perfecting their skills. They have a pretty good instructor teaching them too!

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