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Video: Physicist Risks Life to Demonstrate Underwater Ballistics

One of the foremost rules of gun safety is to always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. That means not pointing a rifle at yourself, and absolutely not rigging it to fire at the pull of a string. However, Norwegian physicist Andreas Wahl is known for taking extreme steps in order to demonstrate science. The daredevil scientist has starred in a number of videos in which he puts his own life on the line in a series of death-defying experiments, and this underwater rifle test is merely the latest.

Bullets travel slower and cover less distance in water. That’s pretty much a given. Even with that information, we’re not sure we want to stand just a few feet away from the business end of a rifle submerged in a pool.

Wahl doesn’t even flinch.

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Image screenshot of video by NRK Viten on YouTube

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